Sunday, February 24, 2013

Todo Sobre Mi

Integrating Social Networking

Each year in Spanish I, my department has students create a power point review of all the content studied by creating a presentation about themselves.  The project is entitled, "Todo Sobre Mi"  (Everything About Me).  This is always a favorite activity for everyone because it gives students the opportunity to "show off".  As all students in our high school have a laptop or netbook, technology is readily available to them.  The entire Spanish I curriculum has students talking about themselves, their activities, their likes, and their dislikes
For this assignment, I decided to take this existing project and turn it into a social networking activity.  Instead of creating an ongoing powerpoint that never gets seen by anyone other than the student and myself, we will now run this project as a Blog.  This course has really taught me the power of blogging.  I love that the blog can be updated at anytime from anywhere!  In the past if a student forgot their netbook, they were unable to work on their project.  Now that their project is online, they can assess it (as can I) from anywhere.  Not only that, so can their family members and friends to add to it.  Finally, by being able to share their blog with others, peer editing will be much more valuable and much more accessible now. 
Here is the outline for the project:
Todo Sobre Mi Blog directions

Here is a sample first page:

Todo Sobre Profe

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