Monday, February 18, 2013

My week in pictures! Love this!

Now this is my type of assignment!!  As a photo-aholic :)  I love taking pictures.  Each year I create a digital year-in-review photo album that I share with grandparents and keep as journals of all that we have done as a family.  This week I will post a picture each day of something that we did or something that happened.  I'm afraid that after this assignment, this may become a new hobby/addiction for me!

SUNDAY:  A trip to the Outdoor Show at the Philadelphia Expo Center.  My children hanging out with some of their best buds in a present Daddy would like for his birthday!

MONDAY:  I guess the outdoor show had an affect on my kids.  Here is Daddy teaching them how to do archery!  I am so thrilled to have a family that loves to do things together!

TUESDAY:  Well, it was an exciting evening in our home last night as I burned myself cooking dinner and now have 2nd degree burns on the fingers of my right hand, so thank goodness we had to go out to eat tonight to support our daughter's cheerleading squad.  The Doctor wrote me a scrip to give to my husband that forbids me from cooking for the next month.  Not a bad deal!  But as my hand is all taped up, typing may be a little difficult for me now.  Although I'm sure you would just love to see the picture of my hand (ugh, not very pretty)  I figured a picture of my daughter and her cheerleading friends would be better. 

WEDNESDAY:  Well, it was a pretty non-eventful day today as I spent the day nursing my injury from Monday night.  So here is a picture of my kids preparing to make the "fritillies:" the fried dough pockets that caused my little kitchen accident. 


THURSDAY:  A busy night for us as our son had a basketball game.  This is his first year playing at the advanced level.  That is our number 34.  So proud of him!  Although his team did not win, they played a great game!

FRIDAY:  It's Equine therapy day for our youngest!  We adopted our Cesia Maria two years ago.  Once we brought her home we found out that she has cerebral palsy.  She has made remarkable progress!  With all the therapies that we do with her, equine is by far the best!!!
SATURDAY:  It was an all-day cheer competition for us today!  Our daughter competed in the midget division.  They did an amazing job, but only took 3rd place.  She is the base in the middle:

REVIEW This was a great assignment for me.  I've quickly realized why I have taken off this year.  Yes, my main goal was to learn more about instructional technology, but it sure does seem like my kids take up a lot of my time!  I wouldn't have it any other way.  While completing this assignment and choosing my pictures I kept thinking that this would make a great tool for keeping my parents (who live across the country) up-to-date in all that we are doing.  They are always saying that they never know what we are up to, but this way they could easily follow along! 

In thinking how I would use this in the classroom, I thought it would be neat for groups of students to work together to blog about where they find Spanish used in our community.  As students are out and about, they could easily take pics of what they find and then give a short description.  At the end of a specific period of time, groups could compare their blogs.  I am always trying to find ways for students to link their classroom learning to their lives!

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